Our beautiful moses baskets are handmade by an amazing group of talented weavers in Ghana, West Africa. The group consists of both men and women who have developed this skill and art form which has been passed down for generations. A craftsmanship which this group will also pass down to their children hoping to create a lasting legacy that will benefit generations to come.


The moses baskets are woven from sundried elephant grass, coloured with natural plant and mineral dyes. The handles are wrapped in goatskin to provide comfort and reinforcement. The leather is naturally tanned using local seeds and red millet. It takes a weaver several days to weave one moses basket from start to finish. Being handmade each basket is fair-trade, unique and a functional works of art - no mass production.



“trade not aid”.

Emancipation comes from self-sufficiency, independence and a sense of self-worth. Purchasing these ethically sourced, environmentally friendly baskets does not only help empower these talented artisans but also contribute to sustainable development, preserving traditional skills and promoting ethically produced goods and work practices.